Comprehensive legal assistance, in particular in the field of procedural law, tax and finance.

Advocate Marcin Malinowski specializes in providing services to entrepreneurs and management staff, also helping private individuals.

He specializes in providing assistance to clients in court and control proceedings, also at the pre-trial stage (preparatory, settlement, business), preparing and conducting comprehensive tactics, including trial and defense tac

He advises and creates solutions in business that minimize legal risk.

The law firm also provides permanent legal services to enterprises.

Professional skills, often supported by measurable effects, are manifested in the representation of clients before state authorities, including law enforcement, fiscal, control, tax, as well as those related to the verification of expenditure of public funds – preparing large and small companies, as well as individuals to face the challenges legal proceedings in court and preparatory proceedings.

Advocate Marcin Malinowski does not avoid the sphere of tax issues, advising clients on issues that they have to deal with in everyday life and business – which is often combined with professional support in inspections and providing defense.

The lawyer also successfully advises foreigners in developing and securing business ventures in the field of broadly understood legal compliance, i.e. compliance and adaptation of business to applicable law, including supporting foreigners in matters of residence in Poland.

The advocate’s developed specializations also include representation of clients in proceedings:

  • penal – fiscal;
  • criminal;
  • tax and administrative, including European funds, with particular emphasis on tax carousels and VAT challenges;
  • civil, including economic (e.g. construction, transport, development,
    unfair competition law);
  • white-collar worker crimes and related matters…