Extensive experience based on cooperation with the best law firms. Comprehensive legal assistance, in particular in the field of procedural law, tax and finance.

Advocate Marcin Malinowski specializes in assisting and advising Customers during court proceedings and at the pre-trial stage (preparatory, settlement, business), creating a comprehensive tactic for litigation and defence. The special professional familiarity supported by measurable litigation and pre- litigation effects he manifests during the representation of Customers before state authorities, including tax, fiscal and public funds spending verificationauthorities, preparing large and small companies as well as individuals to face control and court challenges, including administrative ones.

Marcin Malinowski develops his professional practice in cooperation with the renowned XXX Law Office where, as a Senior Associate, he runs the Tax Litigation department. He builds and improves his experience on the basis of comprehensive education – not only legal, but also financial, including tax and business education.

Marcin Malinowski does not avoid also tax issues by advising Customers and solving problems they have to face in everyday life and business – often directly connected with litigation and control aspects. He also advises, with success, foreigners in developing and securing their business undertakings in the field of broadly understood compliance. His constantly developing specialization includes also representing Customers in the following proceedings:

  • White-collar worker crimes and related matters.
  • Criminal cases.
  • Criminal and fiscal cases.
  • Civil cases, including business cases (e.g. constructions or connected to unfair competition problems).